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Divine Way To Trade.

Take advantage of our all-in-one trading terminal, combining classic tools into a familiar interface.

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There are more and more on-chain trading tools, yet this game still doesn’t have a winner capable of onboarding the upcoming wave of users in the bull market.

With recent bullish signals in the market, there's a growing interest in DEX trading. Existing tools have been tailored for a very specific and narrow target group of pros, and they are not aligned with the needs of less experienced users.

This gap leaves a significant number of traders, especially those transitioning from CEXs, without a suitable trading platform.

Market Opportunity

Many traders coming from CEX to DEX frequently find themselves lost in the complexity of these platforms.

Main challenges they face include:

  • complicated interfaces

  • non-intuitive UX (tailored for pros, not for less experienced users)

  • lack of self-custody solutions

These pain points highlight the need for a more thoughtfully designed solution.

Our team, with deep expertise in the field, is committed to addressing these issues by providing a carefully crafted platform designed to meet the needs of both novice and seasoned traders.

What is Padre?

Padre is an all-in-one ERC-20 trading terminal for everyone.

We are unlocking mass DEX trading adoption by offering an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes the transition from CEX seamless.

Our tool is tailored for both CEX traders looking to venture into DEX trading and newcomers taking their first steps in this space. We focus on user-friendly design, reliability, and comprehensive features.

The upcoming launch of $PADRE token and the introduction of an affiliate program are set to bring even more value to our users.

Our Goal

The go-to trading platform for anyone who wants to trade on-chain regardless of prior experience.

Robust technology behind Padre

  • proprietary transaction simulation engine

  • all data ingested directly from chain for the highest accuracy and reliability

  • powered by TradingView (top-tier candlestick charts) and BloXroute (best-in-class MEV protection and the fastest transaction speed)

  • all critical components built in house, based on the team’s tradfi and crypto trading expertise and minimizing dependence on third-party providers

  • Uniswap WETH liquidity pools support (multi-chain support coming soon)

What makes Padre unique?

Padre stands out from other on-chain trading tools as the only self-custodial trading app.

Our app's familiar and user-friendly CEX-like interface lets anyone jump right in and just trade.


Keep your private keys private: Padre is the only self-custodial trading app. In contrast to other apps, your keys remain on your device and are never sent to Padre’s servers - your private keys are kept private.


Comfortable on-the-go trading with Padre Progressive Web App. Enhanced mobile experience that enables you to use all the features you need. Native mobile app coming soon.


Manage your positions with ease: effortlessly switch between your wallets and monitor your positions using our state-of-the-art portfolio overview.


Stay up-to-date with all events: track pending transactions with Firehose, our live feed of trades and liquidity events.

What are Padre features?

Seamless On-Chain Trading? Padre's got your back.

Our Features:

  • FAMILIAR CEX-LIKE INTERFACE A rich blend of an intuitive UI and a seamless UX. Place where classics meets cutting-edge.

  • LIMIT ORDERS Set up multiple take profit or stop loss levels seamlessly. Track active orders on our candlestick charts.

  • QUICK AND SECURE SWAPS Lightning-fast on-chain transactions and simulations. Know the expected swap outcome before you approve it.

  • ANTI RUG PROTECTION Our robust simulations will warn you about scam tokens and honeypots before submitting your transaction to block builders.

  • BEST ANTI-MEV Choose your protection against MEV bots safeguarding you from sandwich attacks or frontruns.

  • SAFETY CHECKS Avoid costly mistakes with our warning system (i.e. high taxes or slippage, big amount transaction).

Onboarding easy as 1,2,3!


  • Closed Beta

  • Open Launch

Current Phase
  • Partners Onboarding

  • Seed Round

Next Phase
  • $PADRE Token Launch (please ask the Team for Tokenomics)

  • Expanding Token Utilities

  • Multi-Chain Support

  • Proprietary On-Chain Analysis Tool

  • Native Mobile App

Partner and Loyalty Programs

Every user can generate a referral link to access additional benefits:

  • referrer receives 30% of the transaction fees from all referees

  • referees receive a 10% discount on their transaction fees when signing up with a Padre referral link

No $PADRE tokens are required to generate or benefit from a referral code.

Financial Strategy

  • Self-Funded: fully financed through own funding, therefore maintaining complete control and autonomy (no VC funding was accepted)

  • Seed & Private Round: exclusively for KOLs & Community Leaders, with a limited allocation size

  • Public Sale: Fjord Foundry LBP (March'24), enabling us to create large liquidity pool and ensure long runway

Padre Team


Rigby & Serenity - serial Web 3.0 product-oriented founders, core developers of Padre with substantial work experience from top-tier companies:

  • founded NFTNerds (app that democratized NFT trading and changed the landscape of NFT trading tools) - 4k ETH in generated revenue, over 250k users from 173 different countries, created also YAAP and NFTSoloist;

  • background: ex-Jump Trading, Dropbox & Nvidia, multiple gold & silver medals in international math olympiads and trading contests, experienced coders and product builders

Core Team

7 members:

  • 4 Developers, 1 Marketing Specialist, 1 Project Manager, 1 Business Developer

  • background: ex-Goldman Sachs & Ferrari

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